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Something is HORRIBLY WRONG here....

2009-07-04 06:15:42 by RedLizardX

I think foul play is afoot on Newgrounds, for months I have been seeing negative activity from these people, such as stealing awards, hacking accounts, and HECK knows what else! But now the daily features for yesterday where sabotaged by these infamous packs of malicious cyber terrorists known as, the DuckDivision. How could this happen? Though the award roster for yesterday has been edited, the submissions currently in place do not have any awards on them, the legit awards have somehow been stolen or hacked even though the flashes they used are gone (which happened to be malicious swfs). With further research into this subject I have found out that they are a group of irl neo-nazi flash artists, and they are child pornography distributing pedophiles (noted from this source). People like these cannot continue exploiting the website, we must make sure they cannot do anything like this ever again, find out exactly WHAT they are doing and cut them off. Someone needs to discover their secret hacker forum and blow it off the map. This is has already grown into the biggest threat of Newgrounds in it's history, we cannot let this escalate.

Something is HORRIBLY WRONG here....


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2009-07-04 17:40:38

Dude this is bad although now that ya mention it last night (or early AM) when I was on seeing the new top 5 the list seemed messed up. It didn't show any DD stuff but the enteries 5-10 area wasn't in correct format, repeated a couple of enteries were just restating 3-5 (or something like that), and there were what I think were typed out bits of code (although not sure I don't know much about that sort of thing). You are right this does seem to be a problem.

RedLizardX responds:

When it first happened daily third fourth fifth and sixth wer kidnapped by the hackers. The daily 3rd was discovered and killed, but its going to be at the bottom of he page all day, and the 6th,5th,4th wer bumped up for P-Bot's post, but admins erased their doings (they the code is broken) to hide the public from them.............. if we don't do anything all of us will perish


2009-07-04 17:45:23

The caps lock makes your voice more powerful.

RedLizardX responds:

dickhead you got a dick on yo head


2009-07-04 18:10:52

wait a minute, wait a minute. 1 review , no new submissions since 03', one news post, 1 portal vote, and 1 post in your 8 year stretch!!?


RedLizardX responds:

I've been active, just haven't been making anything because I'm older and have a job and all that lol


2009-07-04 18:54:56

Yeah I hate those guys even more than before now,Tom and the others should actually do something about these guys,so how are we going to make them stop hiding from these bastards?

RedLizardX responds:

Staff doesn't seem to budge about this, I think we have to start a resistance of our own and hope that staff in the final battle assist us.


2009-07-04 18:56:57

No wait,they're not in the front page right now

RedLizardX responds:

That's because Wade erased it, though the awards are still stolen some runner ups were put in place, he doesn't want the public to be scared is all.


2009-07-04 20:31:13

you kinda sound like ur preaching a religous apocalypse or somthing

luis and mindchamber dont give a shit either...lulz

btw unless they do somthing like steal credit information no ones gonna do anything or care...not saying i like hackers...just calling it as i see it

RedLizardX responds:

This is Newgrounds, and this is everything to me, my reason of existence.


2009-07-04 20:36:42

i looked through the reviews again and found that oney doesnt give a shit either...

kinda funny that the guy or whatever put that on urban dictionary

RedLizardX responds:

How is this funny one bit? There's nothing funny about Newgrounds being desecrated in this vile manner. They ruin what it means to be a Newgrounder


2009-07-25 10:39:51

these people do need to be stoped this is wrong and unfair to us all there probly just some lame teens trying to be cool -_- stuff like this makes me sick


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