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Something is HORRIBLY WRONG here....

2009-07-04 06:15:42 by RedLizardX

I think foul play is afoot on Newgrounds, for months I have been seeing negative activity from these people, such as stealing awards, hacking accounts, and HECK knows what else! But now the daily features for yesterday where sabotaged by these infamous packs of malicious cyber terrorists known as, the DuckDivision. How could this happen? Though the award roster for yesterday has been edited, the submissions currently in place do not have any awards on them, the legit awards have somehow been stolen or hacked even though the flashes they used are gone (which happened to be malicious swfs). With further research into this subject I have found out that they are a group of irl neo-nazi flash artists, and they are child pornography distributing pedophiles (noted from this source). People like these cannot continue exploiting the website, we must make sure they cannot do anything like this ever again, find out exactly WHAT they are doing and cut them off. Someone needs to discover their secret hacker forum and blow it off the map. This is has already grown into the biggest threat of Newgrounds in it's history, we cannot let this escalate.

Something is HORRIBLY WRONG here....


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2009-07-04 06:20:34

so they hack, they spam, and they use porn in shit thats already sick. jeez what has this become to

RedLizardX responds:

cyber hell if nothing is done...


2009-07-04 06:20:43

Urban dictionary is your only source? Not that I don't believe you... but needs moar evidence D:

RedLizardX responds:

It's all around us fellow Newgrounder... administrators and mods try to hide their attacks from the public not to put us in fear, but even take a took at the very bottom of this page, the daily third is right there, stolen and spoiled into a void of waste.

Staff and members of Newgrounds alike need to stop hiding from the DuckDivision, inform the masses, ban together, and learn how to kill the filth that is the infamous cyber terrorist group.


2009-07-04 06:27:30

Mmmh, this ain't new my son.

RedLizardX responds:

I have been aware for a long strand of time, they have been going WAY TOO FAR and I am trying to ban Newgrounds together so horrible tragedies like yesterday can never touch our home, Newgrounds.com never.........never again.


2009-07-04 06:29:11

wait how did #1 and #2 get on today's list too 0.o

RedLizardX responds:

Those didn't happen to be hacked by the DuckDivision, they are safe and sound belonging to the rightful owner as we speak... god save us all.


2009-07-04 06:35:02

sausau has a point but it hasent bean this bad in awhile (as far as i know) oh and s-k the urban dictionary has had been on G4 before

RedLizardX responds:

Thus making it a legit solid source :p


2009-07-04 06:53:08

This is bad shit!!!1

RedLizardX responds:

Sometimes I can't sleep because of things like this..


2009-07-04 07:18:46

I totally agree. I also asked myself how something horrible and insulting just like their flashs manage to pass everytime, sometimes with a score about 1.50 or even higher...
Really, why donĀ“t Newgrounds just bans them forever?
Why are they tolerated!?!

RedLizardX responds:

This is something we need to find out, and for us to overcome and smite them all for desecrating Newgrounds.


2009-07-04 07:20:05

hey look a snip-

RedLizardX responds:



2009-07-04 07:42:51

Stop worrying man. It's just a bunch of people with too much time on their hands. Previously I thought they were just stealing good flashes to get an award, and once they do they replace with something shitty, but now I think they are just hacking it or something. But just chill, they will go away.....y'know eventually.

RedLizardX responds:

But the thing is they haven't gone away and they won't slow down one bit, they must be taken by force we simply cannot stand back and let them continue, not one bit.


2009-07-04 07:52:27

yeah you have to be REALLY nerdy to not only know how to do that crap but spend all your time doing it, laughing their asses off at every their every mouse click

they are probably home schooled because if they had to talk about what their hobbies are at school they'd shit themselves

(Updated ) RedLizardX responds:



2009-07-04 07:57:16

It can't possibly be as wrong as this song making awful allegations at Tiger Woods.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/252279

As a big Tiger Woods fan, i was pretty offended.

That being said, it's catchy as fuck.

(Updated ) RedLizardX responds:

It didnt load, also what does this have to do with killing the DuckDivision? : /


2009-07-04 08:22:59

they gave 3,4 and 5 to the first three runner up's,finally I see some justice here on Newgrounds

RedLizardX responds:



2009-07-04 08:23:39

Those kind of groups die quickly.

RedLizardX responds:

This isn't an ordinary NG flash group like Kitty Krew, Clock Crew, or Star Syndicate. This is serious shit, and they're only motives are malicious.


2009-07-04 08:33:41

Nothing strikes fear into peoples hearts more than the their terrifying name,
duckdivision... ohhhh!!! *shudder*
they'll either get sick of it, or the site will implode...
either way I'm happy to sit back and watch the show unfolds.
They were submitting quality stolen flash work which was guaranteed to get high votes and win them awards. Not exactly the work of ingenious hackers.

RedLizardX responds:

You horrible douche why the HECK would you WANT TO WATCH THE 'SHOW' UNFOLD


2009-07-04 08:34:52

Although the DD are extremely annoying assholes, its not the end of the world, stop crying about it... every website has shit like this

RedLizardX responds:



2009-07-04 08:44:31

Pretty much agree with ryphos. Every site has its little boogers. It takes little to no effort to just delete it. so its easier to quietly delete it than make a big stink out of it. Its kind of flattering in a way, that these kids have so much time in their hands that its become an obsession to win trophies made of 10 or so pixels.

Then again it is summer and masturbation gets boring.

RedLizardX responds:

Well how do you explain the permanent scars left on Newgrounds?? I can hardly sleep or eat just knowing there's spam in the portal... god help us all


2009-07-04 08:57:32

if we ignore them and let the admins delete their flashes without all this whining they'll eventually get bored and go away. the entire reason they do this is to get a reaction out of newgrounders and you're just giving them what they want by posting this :)

RedLizardX responds:

They are outsmarting the staff and moderators of the site, and sure they can delete the flashes but the precious awards are forever gone instead of belonging to their rightful owner for all eternity. This is what they want, to kill Newgrounds, and if we don't stop them one sick twisted day they will accomplish that :[


2009-07-04 09:01:01

A pack of wild n00bs is ruining Newgrounds that is losing it's integrity day by day until it's bought by Armor Games like the bible predicts!?!?
ROCK ON! \m/


2009-07-04 09:03:11

I dont know whats more disturbing, this information, or your bangs.

RedLizardX responds:



2009-07-04 09:07:59

what they are doing now is almost exacly the same as the KK used to do.
i think all we can do now is wait for this to blow over

RedLizardX responds:

Again, the DuckDivision is not like any ordinary Newgrounds crew, they are malicious cyber terrorists. The Kitty Krew would make collabs and dumb crap flash art and spam, and sometimes steal turd of the week and underdog of the week, as all other spam crews I've seen spawned since my eight years on Newgrounds. The DuckDivision release malicious flash movies that crash your browser, flooded CHILD PRONOGRAPHY to the art portal ,they hack accounts, steal daily awards away from deserving newgrounders, and other horrid things.

DuckDivision, any other spam crew? No. Nothing else has ever been like DuckDivision, it's an evil organization that needs to be killed. We must take action, but we must go with caution they are cyber terrorists that are well organized and very dangerous.


2009-07-04 09:36:47

the guy who leads the DD is seriously obsessed with newgrounds and stealing awards, to the point where he hardly leaves the house and has one and a half credits in his sophmore year. but, awards come and go, they'll be deleted, and even if they did have their way the internet wouldn't be plunged into "cyber hell". you're overreacting to a one man group on the internet, so I'd suggest some fresh air and maybe to stop taking the internet so seriously.

btw nice mutton chops

RedLizardX responds:

Sophomore year? This is getting me closer to the culprits, the root of the cyber terrorists. I am really puzzled when you say one man group, is this really all a diversion to one twisted mastermind? I cannot simply fathom this, my night tremors will continue until the spamming of Newgrounds has STOPPED ONCE AND FOR ALL, I am not taking the internet seriously as you so speak this is a matter of a peaceful life for Newgrounds and its loyal citizens. Also I don't have mutton chops >:[


2009-07-04 09:51:22

I think you should just relax. There's no reason for caps

RedLizardX responds:

How can anyone relax when Newgrounds is under attack by cyber terrorists


2009-07-04 10:32:57

lol you're seriously overreacting man

RedLizardX responds:



2009-07-04 10:37:56

Seriously, its probably some thirty year old virgin douchebag who eats, sleeps, and shits Newgrounds. If he is stealing trophies, hes should definitely be stopped, but I'm not sure how =/

RedLizardX responds:

LOL! Well this is what we need to find out, to stop them all. Once....and for all..


2009-07-04 10:43:00

I just....I just don't think About this would happen.... This is like Abusing Newgrounds... If tomfulp is looking at this please please ban those users for they are just putting ugly things on your website it's not they're website it's your so please tomfulp just don't leave them alone putting this things....

RedLizardX responds:

They cannot be banned or deleted, we need to dig deeper and kill the cancer from it's root


2009-07-04 10:49:27

Patapon130, we couldnt just ban their accounts because they could simply make another one in ten minutes.

RedLizardX responds:

Exactly, we have to eliminate them all to protect the holy grounds, our sanctuary, our home. Newgrounds.


2009-07-04 11:16:14

Holy Hellfire Dragons!!! I always ignore the Flashes of the DD,but what I've heard is sure is horribly surprising, and terrifying!! Someone should contact Wade Fulp! We can't let tis continue!!!

RedLizardX responds:

The thing is Wade is already aware, and has been scrambling to ge them and whenever they do something he hides it from the NG public. The DuckDivision ruins what it means to be a Newgrounder...... I don't know how much longer I can go on like this.....


2009-07-04 11:30:43

Wait... the flashes numbers 6, 7 and 8 are in positions number 3, 4 and 5 on the front page... and normally the DD flashes are NEVER on the front page, their reviews are close to nil!


2009-07-04 11:34:21

You're right after all !!! How come the flashes on the front page noted 3, 4 and 5 are from sixth to eighth position?! The bastards have been hacking, all this time...

RedLizardX responds:

That's what I am saying, they are malicious cyber terrorists, this isn't some spam crew like Clock Crew, Kitty Krew, Lock Legion, or Star Syndicate, these are neo-nazi pedophile hackers..... we have to run them out of our home, be strong and bold instead of hiding from everything they do. The Federal Beuro of Investigation have already been tracking them, but these loosers know what they are doing.


2009-07-04 11:37:14

dude chill it's not the end of NG. sooner or later this DD bull shit will clear up (i hope) in the mean time go keep writing hate commENTS on DD post

RedLizardX responds:



2009-07-04 11:49:09

I'm on your side, pally! We'll show those DD scoundrels what it means to hack Newgrounds: They will be banned... Listen up DD! If you ever hack my favourite website again, I will have to get the duct tape out again! >:(

RedLizardX responds:

Someone else that's strong enough wants to form against them as well? This is the start of brining down the Duck Division, in time all of Newground swill be pitted against the group, and they will perish under our might


2009-07-04 11:53:00

But still, they aren't very smart: the proof of their guilt lies at the bottom of the front page...

RedLizardX responds:

Like the blood on the knife.........................


2009-07-04 12:00:30

Looks photoshopped to me. Nice muttonchops.

Urban dictionary is just like wikipedia, you can edit it for what ever words you want. So how can you prove that YOU did not go there and put in the child porn charges?

Give us some real proof.

unless maybe, you are part of DD? That would explain this also, front page news post can get a lot of attention for whatever you're talking about.

RedLizardX responds:

Ask Wade, ask mods, they will tell you the horrors they have cast upon us. Those images in the art portal..................have scared me forever


2009-07-04 12:03:14

furry hentai is the real threat

RedLizardX responds:

what the heck is that?


2009-07-04 12:22:47

I agree with Oney

RedLizardX responds:

um..........ok? :/


2009-07-04 12:28:40

you are right,all of us newgrounders must ban together to take out these evil cyber terrorists. after all...its the fourth of july
we've been a country for 233 years and we won't stop now!

RedLizardX responds:

The Independance Day for Newgrounds...........will hopefully come soon


2009-07-04 12:36:58

"I can hardly sleep or eat just knowing there's spam in the portal..."

Tell me this is a joke

RedLizardX responds:

How the flipping HECK does this seem like a joke? Ass.....


2009-07-04 12:53:35

Its all fake. The administators did it themselves! Its a conspiracyaakmvs

RedLizardX responds:


you ruin what it means to be a member of Newrounds.......


2009-07-04 12:55:30


RedLizardX responds:



2009-07-04 13:00:12


I thank you my friend for bringing my public attention to the scum sucking filth that is DuckDivision... It's thanks to support and rallying from people like yourself that the word has been spread about this malicious group. Together we can rid Newgrounds of the plague that is these neo-nazi, spammer, pedophile assholes and stop this bullshit once and for all.

By raising awarness on this subject we can help the Newgrounds community spot and stop the problem immidiately. There is strength in numbers and this is the best way to get people to know about these stupid groups. As said in the below comment... hacking, spamming, pornography and other sick immoral shit is truly cyber hell.

Good luck to you good sir. I hope the campaign to rid our wonderful site of these groups goes well. Thanks again.

RedLizardX responds:

You have slightly brought the faith of the Newgrounds spirit back into me........


2009-07-04 13:08:51

They're not a secret underground hacker group. In fact their forums are wide

open for anybody to join. All they do is search Deviant art or swfchan and steal

old, decently made swf files and submit them here on low scoring days such as

yesterday. Next they use a program called TOR (look it up yourself)

to mass upvote their submissions ensuring that they win. Then just before

12:00 p.m., they change their submissions name and file to their liking, and steal

your precious pixel trophies : (

that's just a guess though

RedLizardX responds:

No they fucking hack


2009-07-04 13:21:49

Well ur a poop nose.

RedLizardX responds:



2009-07-04 13:40:44

Duck tales!


RedLizardX responds:



2009-07-04 14:25:27

we must fight back fire the missles you know the works we must win

RedLizardX responds:

This is what I am saying! GIVE NEWGROUNDS THE LAST HOORAH!


2009-07-04 14:38:26

i say that it shouldnt matter that much because its just spam, but if they take the daily trophies continually from everyone then im sure the NG staff will do something about it

RedLizardX responds:

They have been doing this for a long time, and staff is hot on their tail along with the FBI for posting child porn and other serious offenses involving Newgrounds.


2009-07-04 15:29:29

there anything i can do to help? ive dealt with people like these before i can try and help

RedLizardX responds:

Are you sure? Nothing else has evr been like the DuckDivision


2009-07-04 16:02:32

lmao I'm loving these comments.

RedLizardX responds:

you sick fuck you ruin what it means to be a Newgrounder!


2009-07-04 16:20:07

Duckdivision? sounds like they want to really try and harm newgrounds. Trust people, these guys will leave. After all NG has stood the test of time, no matter what things come and go and eventually I'm sure if it harms NG tom with take the mega-hammer to them with swift justice. For now calm down and relax, NG will endure and help minimise damage until a fatal blow can be dealt with this threat if it exists truely. However I do share concern for artists who may be affected by this but what do you suppose we do? we can't do jack so we just have to ride the storm.

RedLizardX responds:

As I have said before admins have been after them for a long time but they can't stop them, currently admins are working on things that will block them from stealing awards such as if a review award is stolen it's deleted and the true winner is crowned :]

But, this is serious as heck, we have to stop them before they advance further


2009-07-04 17:10:29

Dude I read this article and some of your comments and at first I thought you were being to serious but if they are doing things like making flashs that could possibly damage people's computers, which is a crime and they are uploading child pornography then it's a serious offence, it's not just dangerous for the website but for those who watch there uploads just report this to tom fulp and get his ass booted of the site and possibly notify the police in some form or another. This is all you need to do not make a big drama of it. Seriously tell Tom and relax your stressin to much over this man...

RedLizardX responds:

AS I HAVE SAID BEFORE, we need to contribute the Newgrounds staff and the FBI aren't enough we have to form together and stop them once and for all.......for..Newgrounds..


2009-07-04 17:40:38

Dude this is bad although now that ya mention it last night (or early AM) when I was on seeing the new top 5 the list seemed messed up. It didn't show any DD stuff but the enteries 5-10 area wasn't in correct format, repeated a couple of enteries were just restating 3-5 (or something like that), and there were what I think were typed out bits of code (although not sure I don't know much about that sort of thing). You are right this does seem to be a problem.

RedLizardX responds:

When it first happened daily third fourth fifth and sixth wer kidnapped by the hackers. The daily 3rd was discovered and killed, but its going to be at the bottom of he page all day, and the 6th,5th,4th wer bumped up for P-Bot's post, but admins erased their doings (they the code is broken) to hide the public from them.............. if we don't do anything all of us will perish